Low Cost Automatic Controls Reduce Snow Melting Costs

Features & Benefits

  • Low cost
  • Reliable automatic control
  • U-L Listed/CSA Certified
  • Simple installation
  • Field proven in thousands of installations
  • Minimum snow melting costs
  • No supervision required
  • Designed and Assembled in the USA
LCD-1 aerial snow controller

LCD-1 aerial snow controller

LCD-1 Dimensional Drawing

LCD-1 Dimensional Drawing

LCD-1 Wiring Example

LCD-1 Wiring Example


The LCD–1 Snow Switch is an energy saving alternative to thermostat, manual or timer controls. Its low price ideally suits the LCD–1 for cost-sensitive residential and commercial snow melting applications.

Unlike thermostats, the LCD–1 Snow Switch operates heaters when precipitation occurs at temperatures below 38°F (3.3°C) and remains closed for a 5 hour hold-on time after precipitation stops to ensure complete ice/snow melting. This saves substantial energy compared to other control techniques.

The LCD–1 Snow Switch operates from 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz. An integral relay rated for 120/240 VAC, 16 amp loads permits direct heater control for small applications such as wheelchair ramps and stairways or may operate external contactors in larger installations.

Extensive quality control, high grade components and microprocessor technology contribute to trouble-free operation. These innovative, field-proven products provide reliable automatic control in thousands of installations.


Order Number Description
15898 LCD–1 Snow Switch (U-L Listed)