LCD-1H and LCD-3H

Minimize Hydronic Snow Melting Costs

Features & Benefits

  • Minimum energy costs
  • Automatic snow melting
  • Snow melt only when necessary
  • Sense both temperature and precipitation
  • Performance optimized for hydronic applications
  • Simple installation
  • Reliable
  • Low cost
LCD-1H aerial snow controller

LCD-1H aerial snow controller


The LCD–1H & 3H Snow Switch saves energy by providing snow melting only when required during snowfall and for a time thereafter to ensure complete melting.

As heavy, wet spring and autumn snow often occurs above freezing, the LCD–1H & LCD–3H detects precipitation as snow at temperatures below 38°F (3.3°C). The LCD–1H’s internal, isolated 3 amp relay contact remains closed for a 5-hour hold-on time after snowfall stops to ensure complete snow melting and pavement drying. The LCD–3H remains closed for 1-hour hold-on time.

The LCD–1H & 3H Snow Switch achieves high performance at low cost through microprocessor control. Members of the LCD product family have provided more than 70 million hours of reliable snow melting control.

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Order Number Description
16793 LCD–1H Snow Switch (5 Hour Hold-on Timer)
19435 LCD–3H Snow Switch (1 Hour Hold-on Timer)