Aerial Precipitation Sensor For Use With the tekmar 362 Mixing Control Model

Features & Benefits

  • Improves snow melting system efficiency
  • Engineered to operate with the tekmar® 362 Controller
  • Senses rain, snow, freezing rain and sleet
  • Operates from 24 volts ac
  • Simple installation
  • Low cost
LCD-1T aerial snow controller

LCD-1T aerial snow controller


The mast-mounted LCD–1T Precipitation Sensor is engineered to operate with the tekmar® Mixing Control 362. It senses precipitation in any form throughout the temperature 0°F to 130°F (−18°C to 54°C) for improved snow melting system efficiency. The LCD–1T ensures reliable operation independent of environmental conditions in part by regulating temperature of its moisture sensing grid.

The LCD–1T operates from a customer supplied 24 volt AC NEC Class 2 power source which is commonly available in hydronic systems. An isolated Form A (SPST) relay contact, which closes during precipitation, interfaces with the Tekmar® 362.

The LCD–1T mounts outdoors in an elevated location freely exposed to rain and snow. It can be located up to 250′ feet from the Tekmar® 362 when using #18 extension wire. Longer distances are possible: contact Customer Service regarding the extension wire size required for longer distances.

High performance microcontroller technology eliminates the need for adjustments while providing reliable precipitation detection at a low cost. The LCD–1T does not require preventative maintenance. Based upon field experience, the mean time to failure of the LCD product family exceeds 1.2 million hours or approximately 15 years.

For complete information describing features, applications or installation, please Contact ETI or call Customer Service.


Order Number Description
18909 LCD–1T Precipitation Sensor