Automatic Deicing / Rain Blower Controls

Features & Benefits

  • Low Cost
  • One Hour Hold-on Timer
  • Automatic deicing / rain blower control
  • Low temperature lockout at 17°F
  • Microprocessor control
  • Combined moisture and temperature sensors
  • "Smart bypass" switch for system testing
  • U-L Listed / CSA Certified
  • FCC Part B Compliance
  • Housing material is U-V stabilized
LCD-3 aerial snow controller

LCD-3 aerial snow controller

LCD-3 Dimensional Drawing

LCD-3 Dimensional Drawing



These low cost controls offer a cost effective alternative to thermostatic or manual control. Automatic control provides reliable earth station service while minimizing operating and maintenance costs.

The LCD–3 automatically controls small aperture antenna deicing heaters and the LCD–4 controls rain blowers. Deicing heaters operate between 17°F(-8.3°C) and 38°F (3.3°C) during precipitation and for one hour thereafter. The rain blower operates at temperatures above 17° F during precipitation and for one hour thereafter.

The onboard microprocessor combined with quality components and extensive quality control provide excellent reliability. Sunlight does not reduce the strength of the UV stabilized housing. Combining the temperature and moisture sensors simplifies installation and eliminates siting errors.

The “smart bypass” switch permits on site testing. The control changes back to automatic operation after 40 hours if operating personnel leave the switch in the wrong position by accident.


Order Number Description
15903 LCD–3 Automatic Deicing Control (U-L Listed) 120 VAC
16121 LCD–3 Automatic Deicing Control (CSA Certified) 120 VAC
19040 LCD–3 Automatic Deicing Control (U-L Listed) 240 VAC
15910 LCD–4 Automatic Rain Blower (U-L Listed) 120 VAC
16122 LCD–4 Automatic Rain Blower (CSA Certified) 120 VAC
14456 Single Pole Contactor