Aerial Snow Melting Controller

Features & Benefits

  • Simple installation
  • Melt-Track™ for improved energy efficiency
  • On-Demand™ for longer sensor life
  • Sno-Test™ for simple on-site testing
  • Extremely low standby power consumption
  • Minimum energy cost
  • Long trouble-free life
  • No annual maintenance
  • Reliable snow melting
  • C-UL-US
LCD-7 aerial snow controller

LCD-7 aerial snow controller

LCD-7 Dimensional Drawing

LCD-7 Dimensional Drawing


The patents pending LCD–7A Snow Switch® makes automatic melting a cost effective alternative in even the smallest applications. Heaters operate at temperatures below 38°F (3.3°C) only when required. The energy saving Melt-Track™ feature continues heater operation after snow stops to ensure complete melting. The LCD–7A needs only a 1 hour hold-on time to compensate for site differences compared to the 2 to 10 hours of earlier products.

Severe air pollution combined with continuous moisture sensor operation can reduce product life through corrosion and electrochemical reactions. The On-Demand™ feature counters those problems by powering the moisture sensor only when required thus significantly increasing its life.

Verifying system functionality after installation or when troubleshooting used to require spray circuit cooler or ice for controller activation. The Sno-Test™ feature eliminates this need by performing a self-test after power application, and operating heaters in a unique pattern for a few seconds. Reading the test results takes only an AC voltmeter or clamp-on ammeter.

The LCD–7A operates from 120 volts AC while consuming less than 0.6 watts idling. It controls heater loads up to 16 amps at 120 volts. The operating temperature range extends from −40° to 140°F (−40° to 60°C). The rugged polycarbonate enclosure provides excellent protection at temperature extremes.

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Order Number Description
21035 Model LCD–7A Snow Switch®