The GPT unit comes with a thermistor (two thermistors with the GPT 230) but is also compatible a 2-, 3-, or 4-wire RTD sensor. The diagram illustrates the correct wiring and DIP switch configuration for each temperature sensor wiring scheme. It is important that you also navigate to the Sensor Type screen and select the type of sensor being used. * The GPT comes set up for use with the provided Thermister sensor.

The provided thermistor sensor will work for heat-trace applications where the operating range is between -40°F and 230°F (-40°C and 110°C). For applications that require a larger temperature range an RTD sensor is needed. With an RTD sensor and the GPT 130 or GPT 230 you can accurately monitor and control for temperatures from -99.9°F to 999°F (-73.3°C to 537.7°C). For more information about installing a 2-, 3-, or 4-wire RTD sensor or the provided thermistor consult the GPT 130 or GPT 230 manual or installation sheet.

GPT temperature RTD sensor wiring