CIT-XTV (Discontinued)

TV / FM Broadcast Transmitting Antenna Ice Sensor

Features & Benefits

  • Energy efficient for low operating costs
  • Reliable antenna operation during icing conditions
  • Heating starts before ice accumulates
  • Adjustable heater hold-on timer completes ice melting after precipitation stops
  • Lightning and EMI resistant
  • Low cost
  • Simple installation
  • Single or 3-phase power control
Note: The CIT-XTV aerial sensor operated directly from a “B” series control panel. In order for the CIT-XTV aerial sensor to operate with a “C” series control, a Pro Series control, or an EUR-5A control the customer needs to also purchase a power supply for the CIT-XTV or provide 24VAC unrectified. The “C” series includes the APS-3C control panel, the APS-4C control panel, the SC-40C satellite contactor, the RCU-3 remote control and the RCU-4 remote control.


CIT-XTV Datasheet CIT-XTV Manual CIT-XTV Power Supply Installation Sheet

An antenna ice melting system employs the CIT-XTV aerial sensor located adjacent to the transmitting antenna. Normally located in the transmitter shelter building and within 2,000 feet of the sensor, an APS-3C, APS-4C or EUR-5A snow/ice melting control interfaces the sensor with the heater(s). The sensor employs special filters and circuit design techniques to minimize susceptibility to EMI and lightning damage.

When using the CIT-XTV sensor, heaters operate at 38°F (3.3°C) during precipitation and for the hold-on timer interval, from 0-10 hours. The CIT-XTV sensor prevents heater operation at temperatures below 0°F (−17.8°C) to save electrical energy and to prevent partial ice melting. Heaters operate for the hold-on time as temperature increases above 0°F (-17.8°C) if precipitation occurred during lock-out.

The APS-3B and APS-4 control panels interface the sensor with the integral power control contactor. The EUR-5A control interfaces the sensor with a customer supplied power control contactor in the customers equipment panel. The control provides status indicators, adjustable heater hold-on timer, and bypass switch.

The CIT-XTV operated from customer supplied 24VAC unrectified or from a power supply purchased separately from Environmental Technology. The power supplies are available at either 120 VAC or 208-240 VAC.

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Order Number Description
17797 CIT-XTV Aerial Snow/Ice Sensor
23478 120 VAC Power Supply
23426 208-240 VAC Power Supply