SEM-1 Sensor Expansion Module

SEM-1 Snensor Expansion Module

Features & Benefits

  • Expands system monitoring and troubleshooting by providing status indicators for each sensor
  • Sensor signal manual mode for testing control initiating from each sensor channel
  • Used in place of junction boxes promoting best practices in sensor cable wiring
  • Sensor ID labels and individual sensor cable runs simplify system troubleshooting
  • Two sensor channels per unit, units may be daisy-chained together for additional sensors


SEM-1 Datasheet

Installed between a snow and ice melting control and connected aerial, gutter, and/or pavement sensors, the Snow Switch brand SEM–1 sensor expansion module provides enhanced monitoring of each sensor used in a snow and ice melting system.

The SEM–1 provides an indication that each sensor is energized (power/green LED) and which sensor(s) is signaling a call for heat (snow/yellow LED).

Using a SEM–1 sensor expansion module, a faulty sensor is quickly identified. Troubleshooting and repairs can be made to a damaged sensor while the remainder of the system continues normal operation. By encouraging system installers to run a separate cable between each sensor location and an SEM–1 it is far easier to trace wiring faults than when multiple sensors are parallel connected in one or more junction boxes that are often hard to locate.

The SEM–1 provides a fuse for each sensor, preventing a single bad sensor from disabling an entire snow and ice melting system. An internal, tamper-resistant magnetic switch allows for snow-event simulation.

The unit has space on its front panel for sensor ID stickers, or other custom markings, to quickly identify which SEM–1 sensor channel is paired with which sensor.



Order Number Description
24990 SEM-1 Sensor Expansion Module