SST-2 Freeze Protection Thermostat (Discontinued)

SST-2 Freeze Protection, Low Cost Electronic Thermostat with GFEP

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic freeze protection
  • 40°F (4.4°C) set point
  • Automatic supply voltage selection
  • Two-pole contactor switches up to 30 AMP heater loads
  • Alarm relay with isolated contact
  • Integral 30 mA GFEP
  • C-UL-US listed
  • Simple to install and operate
  • Minimum energy costs


SST-2 Freeze Protection Thermostat

SST-2 Freeze Protection Thermostat

SST-2 dimensional drawing

SST-2 dimensional drawing

SST-2 wiring

SST-2 wiring


SST-2 Datasheet SST-2 Manual

The C-UL-US listed SST–2 Freeze Protection Thermostats replace electromechanical thermostats in cost-sensitive applications requiring ground fault equipment protection (GFEP). The SST–2 is listed by Underwriters Laboratories to Standard UL 873 for Temperature- Indicating and -Regulating Equipment.

The SST–2 operates heaters at temperatures below 40°F (4.4°C) and turns them off above 42°F (5.5°C). The external temperature sensor (supplied) is a NEC Class 2 device rated for wet locations.

The SST–2 features a built-in 30 mA GFEP that is digitally filtered to minimize false tripping. A ground fault must be manually reset with the TEST/RESET switch before heater operation can be resumed. The GFEP function is automatically tested along with the heaters whenever power is applied and once every 24 hours thereafter for additional safety.

The SST–2 includes an alarm relay with an isolated SPDT 1 AMP contact. The alarm relay is reverse acting and is normally closed unless there is a ground fault condition, GFEP circuitry fails a test, or when there is a bad temperature sensor.

The SST–2 Freeze Protection Thermostats operate from automatically selected operating voltages of 120, 208, 240 or 277 volts, single-phase. They control heater loads of up to 30 amps while consuming less than 2 watts when idling. The temperature sensor is an NEC Class 2 device that can be located up to 2,000′ (610 m) away from the SST. They operate in non-hazardous environments in a temperature range extending from −40° to 131°F (−40° to 55°C). The rugged non-metallic enclosure is appropriate for installation in indoor or outdoor locations suitable for NEMA 4x applications.



Area of use Nonhazardous locations
Protection NEMA 4X
Cover attachment Polycarbonate cover, machine screws
Entries 1 × 3/4″ entry (bottom right) for NEC Class 2 connections
3 × 1-1/16″ entries (bottom left and left) for supply and load power
Material Polycarbonate
Mounting Wall mounted
Front Panel Interface
Status indicator SUPPLY (green) power applied
SUPPLY (green, flashing) bad thermistor
HEAT (yellow) call for heat
GFEP (red) ground fault condition
GFEP (red, flashing) failed
GFEP (red, flashing, rapid) GFEP test in progress
Remote Interface (SST–2 only)
Alarm relay Isolated SPDT 1 AMP Class 2 contact
Summary alarms No Power
Ground Fault Condition
GFEP function test failure
Bad or missing Thermistor
Supply voltage 120, 208, 240 or 277 volts, single phase (automatically selected)
Contact type Two Form A DPST
Maximum ratings Voltage: 277 VAC
Current: 30 amps
High Limit Thermostat
Set point 40°F (4.4°C)
Dead band 2°F (1°C)
Sensor type Thermistor network
Circuit type NEC Class 2
Lead length Up to 2,000′ (610m) using 12 AWG 2-wire jacketed cable Up to 500′ (152m) using 18 AWG 2-wire jacketed cable
Ground Fault Equipment Protection (GFEP)
Set point 30 mA
Automatic self-test Mode A: Verifies GFEP function before contactors operate
Mode B: Verifies GFEP and heaters every 24 hours
Manual test/reset TEST/RESET switch of front panel
Operating temperature −40°F to 130°F (−40°C to 55 °C)
Storage temperature −67°F to 167 °F (−55°C to 75 °C)


Order Number Description
22744 Model SST–2 Freeze Protection Thermostat
19272 Temperature Sensor (included)