Windows 7 OS Note
Under Windows XP, the Environmental Technology Inc. script to update the firmware works fine. However, the script may hang and give an error under Windows 7. The error may be: “Wshshell.exec: The system cannot find the file specified.” This problem occurs because Windows 7 does not have TFTP enabled.

To correct:
• Click on [START]
• Click on [Control Panel]
• Click on [Programs]
• Under the heading “Programs and Features,” click “Turn Windows features on or off”
• Under “Windows Features” screen, scroll down and check-select “TFTP Client”; click [OK] to save and exit


Units received after 10/07/2016 can not be downgraded to previous software versions.

Units that can not use previous software versions have serial numbers greater than:
3596 for an ADH NETCOM
0852 for an ADH NETCOM NEMA
0156 for an ASM-1 Smart Manifold



2.16 (2017-04-11)

  1. Fixes SNMP communication and polling errors.
  2. Fixes Alarm Setting panel on the graphic user interface to display default settings.

ASM-1 Smart Manifold

2.2 (2017-08-02): Version 2.2 fixes software bugs that may cause a Smart Manifold to not act as expected. It is recommended that all units in the field with earlier software versions be updated.


Previous updates are maintained for informational or troubleshooting purposes only. The most current release will always be a complete software update and not require previous updates to be installed first.


  • 2.15 (2017-02-03): Version 2.15 adds SNMP trap support for monitor and control systems. This version also adds support for a new pressure sensor that replaced an obsolete sensor.
  • 2.14 (2014-12-19): Version 2.14 adds parallel pumping functionality for the ADH NETCOM dehydrators.
  • 2.11 (2012-06-07): Version 2.11 corrects a communications issue between the ADH NETCOM and the ASM–1 Smart Manifold, and display drivers are added for the optional ADH NETCOM front panel with display.
  • 2.10 (2011-11-07): Version 2.10 includes several bug fixes related to IE 6, setting/reading pressure ranges in legacy applications, and master/slave operation when attached to an M&C system. This change to master/slave operation will no longer consider queries from the M&C system in certain timing conditions specific to master/slave operation. This corrects a potential condition where master/slave communications could go down but the slave did not start stand alone operation because it did not differentiate between communications from its master and the M&C system.
  • 2.04 (2010-09-27): Version 2.04 includes several bug fixes related to master/slave configuration and regeneration under certain conditions.
  • 2.0 (2010-03-05): Version 2.0 is a major release. In this release the user interface has received an overhaul in order to provide a better user experience. Most users should find the configuration of the ADH NETCOM to be more intuitive. Useful hints for each configuration option have been added. It is recommended that all units in the field with earlier software versions be updated.

ASM-1 Smart Manifold